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Activities around the Destin area?

Activities around the Destin area?

First of all here’s a quick snap shot of activities around Destin. Lots for all to do.

Take a Look

Destin is  a seaside location, but there’s lots more activities to do. Rather than sitting on the beach, maybe it’s a great idea to  pick the locals brains about activities to do in The Destin area,


Furthermore, Destin is an increasingly diverse year round location to visit. A revitalising long weekend, that glorious week long vacation. If you’re lucky, maybe a relaxing month stay. Autumn is probably the best time to visit. Most noteworthy it’s less crowded, due to the drop in humidity it’s much more pleasant outside and of course, accommodation affordable. Maybe time to get to know the locals and find those places off the beaten track.

About the Bay Area

Remember, Destin has two coasts. There’s the gulf and the Bay. Here’s an overview of the fishing opportunities on the bay.


The Bay is rather quieter than the Gulf. Same beach but less crowds. Furthermore the waters are calmer and safer for the kids, also there are lots of restaurants nestled in the bayous.

Spend Spend Spend

What to do with the kids? Seems like all they want to do is spend. Nurture inquisitive kids who love to experience something new.  First of all wait until it’s dark.Take a leisurely walk to the beach and don’t forget your your flashlights. Take a look at the video below to see what happens.


Because it’s fun, crabbing will become the highlight of your vacation and a most noteworthy experience for all.

Finally, as there is so much to do, seems like you’ll have to book your next vacation.

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